Midwifery Pay Inequity

Did you know that in Ontario, midwives are covered by Ontario Healthy Insurance? (OHIP)


Did you also know that midwives are paid considerably less than other medical care professionals who provide labor and birth support? (Obstetricians and family-care doctors) 48% less to be exact.

The 800 midwives in Ontario have taken the Ontario government to the Human Rights Tribunal to try to correct this pay gap, which they are claiming is gender based.

Ontario has been fighting for a long time to correct gender based pay gaps. Midwives have fallen through a fairly wide gap in this process. Their work is vastly undervalued by government officials who do not seem to grasp their level of education, skill or time spent at their professions.

The midwives are asking the government to acknowledge the gap, take steps to correct it, and to make sure the progresses aren’t temporary.

If you would like to learn more, or to support the midwives in their fight, visit the Ontario Midwives.


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