Looking for birth story submissions.

I am looking to feature birth stories on my blog site.

As long as I can remember, I have been reading birth stories. I devoured them while pregnant with both of my children, and even when I’m not pregnant, I find myself reading them.

But something struck me about them.

The vast majority of the birth stories I read are from white, middle class women. Cis gendered, usually in heterosexual marriages. And it got me thinking. There has to be a better answer.

So, while I will publish the stories of anyone who wants to share, I would love to have a collection available for people from every walk of life.

Here is how it will (prayerfully) work. Submit your birth story to theredtentdoula@gmail.com I will read through them all and email you back a release form so that I have permission to publish your story. I will not be editing for spelling, grammar or language.

Birth stories will be posted, for now, once per week, and will be tagged with various tags for later tracking.

My hope is to offer to the world of young women, a varied look at births across the spectrum of life. Let’s show them that trans men, homosexual and polyamorous couples can give birth and raise amazing families too. Let’s expose the issues women of color face while giving birth, often on top of the ones those with more privelege face.

Help me to build a stronger generation of birthing people, emboldened by the tales of those who have gone before.


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